Oxford Primitive Baptist Church

History of Building

This building was erected in 1873 at a cost of about $2,000.  This was the first church edifice south and west of the Arkansas River and the first in Sumner County.  The first stewards of the building were the First Presbyterian Church of Oxford.  The Presbyterian Church was organized in 1872 with a membership of 15; the first pastor was Rev. S.B. Fleming.  Sometime prior to World War II, the building was wired for electricity; the original oil lamps were converted to electricity, ceiling fans were installed, and the outdoor outhouse was replaced with an indoor attached facility.  After a series of activity and inactivity, the building was decommissioned as a church and passed to the Oxford Ladies’ Club in 194?  It was employed as a clubhouse and activity center through the mid-1990’s.  A stone monument to the Ladies’ Club was erected outside the building by the organization in 1971.  The building then fell into disuse and was purchased by a private concern with plans to donate the building to the Town of Oxford to house historical exhibits.  In 2011, negotiations began between the Town of Oxford and the Oxford Primitive Baptist Church to obtain and renovate the building.  The current steward of the building, the Oxford Primitive Baptist Church, took possession in 2013.


History of the Oxford Primitive Baptist Church

Originally constituted in Perth, Kansas, on February 28, 1976 as an arm of Clear Springs Church (Maben, Mississippi), the presbytery was composed of Elders Marvin Smith, John W. F. DeWitt, W.E. Fulghum, Charles L. Porter, Lonnie Mozingo, and Bill McCarthy;  deacons were Charles Head, Douglas Morris, and Marvin Palmer.  The arm extended an invitation for members, whereupon R.A. Tindall, Tom Whaley, and Ed L. Whaley offered themselves for baptism.  They were then baptized and requested letters, which were granted.  The presbytery then proceeded to ordain R. A. Tindall as a minister.  The new church being regularly organized then extended an invitation for membership, whereupon twenty-four others united with the church and were baptized.
The presbytery moved regular meetings from Perth to Oxford, Kansas in 2009, enjoying the hospitality of Angie D’s diner.  In 2013, negotiations were completed with the Town of Oxford which allowed the church to obtain the present building/land in exchange for a town lot held by the church.  After extensive renovations of the interior of the building, the first regular Sunday service was conducted by Elder Randy McCarthy on 3rd Sunday March/April, 2013.
Pastors have been Elders R.A. Tindall, David Pyles, and Randy McCarthy.  The Church currently meets the first three Sundays of each month with regular services starting at 10:30am.